Americana / Blues / Rock
Jim St. James and Zkott Jordans
with/ Evan Clifford on bass and Joseph Dean Largent on drums.

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'The Jordans and James Band' are an Americana / Acoustic Blues / Rock 
act from the Midwest comprised of songwriters Jim St. James and Zkott Jordans with Evan Clifford on bass and Joseph Dean Largent on drums.

Jim St. James, (lead vocal / rhythm guitar / songwriting) originally from Gary, Indiana, has released 7 CD's of original music since coming onto the Nashville singer songwriter scene. His single 'Caroline' from the solo album 'the naked i' previously charted at #1 on the Roots Music Report's Roots charts (RMR) and his song about the life of Amelia Earhart was previously featured on the official website of the famous aviatrix for several years. Described as a prolific writer by his contemporaries, James has been an active songwriter since childhood.

Zkott Jordans, (lead guitar / vocals / songwriting) is a talented young guitarist and singer songwriter from LaPorte, Indiana. With a background in rock, jazz performance, flamenco & gypsy jazz via Indiana University, his unique playing style is a cornucopia of genre blends, adding a refreshing sound to the trio's arrangements.

Evan Clifford joined the band in August of 2017. Evan brings a well honed background in bass and guitar as well as keyboards to the band. Having grown up in his family's music store, this young man began writing and touring his various projects at an early age and you can hear the magic of that in every performance.

Joseph Dean Largent received his first drum endorsement at the age of 22. A percussionist of incredible timing and skill he's been in various bands and projects before joining The Jordans and James Band in June of 2018.

All three of the band members besides St. James are currently 23 years old and were hand picked by St. James over the course of 5 years as he searched for the most promising young musicians in the midwest. Their natural raw energy and different genre backgrounds bring together an original sound all their own that's been garnering reviews and show/tour opportunities to the unit non stop.

Their debut CD release 'Jordans & James' is now available. You can catch these Modern Day Troubadours performing out of their Campinental Extreme Bus in Nashville, the Midwest, Southwest and Gulf of Mexico where they've amassed a loyal following of dedicated fans.

Original Americana/Acoustic Rock & select cover songs.